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First aid course in English on 8 June 2017



Different varied people having different origins. - The majority of participants had a great motivation for the first aid course in English.

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Nevertheless, there is one common aim: it is always better to help people instead of doing nothing. With regard to these wise words, the participants were especially happy to spend their Saturday afternoon within this course. Furthermore, every one gained an amount of hints as well as they put first aid into practice as if to say: ʺpractice makes perfect.ʺ Mrs. Barbara Zorn, leader of this course and a full-time teacher, does voluntary work over years for the Red Cross. In addition to that, Mrs. Zorn met various people such as scientists, teachers or private participants. All in all, she met a lovely and high motivated group.

Mr. Andreas Fetzner who is responsible for the management of these training courses was nearly thrilled due to the positive reaction of people who were part of the first aid course in English. Besides, he already announced that there are going to be more target group oriented first aid courses.

Obviously, diverse courses can be booked by companies, associations or practices. There is no doubt that any sort of courses set the possibility to establish priorities on different subject areas, languages or times.

On 8 June 2017 we will have another first aid course in English. The leader of this course is Mrs. Gabriele Bertsch-Nauber.

Are you interested? Then please register immediately.


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